Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Book of Eli

I decided to take in a movie earlier this evening. I walked over to the theater, maybe a mile away, and was truly looking forward to seeing The Book Of Eli. I was way too early, so I took another walk. Got back about 10 minutes early and figured I would go for it thinking the movie would not be crowded with the Superbowl being played. I was right. When the trailers for upcoming movies started I was the sole occupant of the theater. Just before the movie started there were a total of 67 people there to watch it. One or two more came in awhile later.

At 1 hour and 7 minutes into the actual movie (yeah I noted the time when it started and when i left) I got up to look for the manager. I tried,up ti;l that moment to disregard the black scratches continually across the entire screen, and the green scratches, and the flecks of dirt or dust particles too. I tried to convince myself that this was all part of the film. Well if it was part of the film it got to the point where I figured the film sucked. So I left and sought out the manager. He told me, once I mentioned the green streaks or scratches, that they meant the film itself (or whatever medium it is) was scratched. He said he would order a new one and that I was the first person to complain. I find it hard to believe that people are so accepting of low quality and annoying crap like that as to sit there and watch the whole movie all the way through without complaining to the management. Maybe, had it been an excellent movie, I would have stayed but it was mediocre to just okay at best up to the point I got to. I declined the refund and took a free pass. I want to see it all the way through once they get a better copy - he said within two days. I hope so. Even if mediocre to just okay at best, it is a sci-fi adventure and I am a sucker for them.

Oh well, off to dinner I suppose. I am thinking of a nice lamb stew if I can find it. Off to an Irish restaurant I think, as I had planned earlier.

All the best,
Glenn B


The Hermit said...

That's disappointing. I haven't seen it yet and had great hopes it would be good. I guess I will wait til it comes on pay per view.

Glenn B said...

Bear in mind, my idea of how good the movie was or was not was definitely slanted because of the crappy quality films. All the streaks, scratches, green light streaks, and dust/dirt specks that passed across the screen pissed me off enough to leave. I did not even walk out of the terrible remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still and there is no way I would have walked out on a better movie and this one is definitely better than was that one.

Still though, regardless of whether or not I was upset, the movie just did not seem all that great. It seemed kind of slow and plodding. Anyway, I will go back to see, probably later this week because I love sci-fi movies and love this type of story. Maybe it will seem better if they have a new copy of the film without all the scratches.

All the best,