Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'll Be Trying Something New... at Ballseye's Boomers. It will either be a monthly or weekly thing, not quite sure yet but probably monthly as I am no millionaire. The reason that my not being a millionaire matters is that it will be a gun related giveaway, and I'll probably be supplying the items to give away and the postage for them. No I will not be giving away gun, probably not ammunition either; but I will be giving away some accessories that go well with guns, things possibly like a bottle of Hoppes, some Breakfree CLP, a cleaning kit, a holster, a gun rag (soft gun case), a silicone impregnated cloth, a bore light, and so forth.

Right now I am working on the idea, and am figuring that it will be some sort of a monthly contest (or weekly if I can afford it). If I deccide to do it for sure, I'll type up some rules in the near future and post about it most likely by this weekend. I'll likely also have the first contest up by this coming weekend.

If it looks as if the contest is going to take off, I may make arrangements to collect donations to keep it going. Anything I collect will go 100% toward the giveaway and or shipping of the prizes. I will not keep even one cent of the money. Then again, I may just keep it inexpensive and pay for it all myself. Of course it might also be nice if people would send me the cost of postage once they receive their prize. That way all I would get hit up for would be the cost of the prizes, and you would know that you are sending me exactly what it cost me to ship the item to you, well for postage anyhow. Time will tell how this works out.

For now I already have a few small items I can use as prizes. One of the first may be this nifty little cleaning kit (click on pic to view larger size) consisting of a chain bore snake, a bore brush with both brass and nylon bristles on the same brush, another nylon chamber or bore brush, a bottle for oil, and a hand held brush to clean off whatever. All of those things come in a clam shell style green case. It apparently has never been used, though I cannot claim it is new. I imagine it is military surplus and that it has laid around on a shelf somewhere for years. I got it as an unexpected bonus that came with a gun related order I placed some months back. I imagine that something like this would go well inside of a grab and go pack, or in a range bag. It would probably also be a god thing to have along on a hunting trip. The forest knows I have fallen my fair share of times while out hunting and sometimes wound up having to clean out the muzzle end of my shotgun or rifle.

More on this over the next few days.
All the best,
Glenn B

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