Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Keeping Me In Suspense - How About You

Fox News is reporting that Governors Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty are out as considerations for Senator McCain's vice presidential running mate. Pawlenty has reportedly acknowledged this himself. Mike Huckabee is also reportedly out, just heard that as I type. In addition, Fox news has reported that according to someone in the McCain campaign, it may be a woman who is about to be picked. The speculation is now almost all around Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. She would be a fine pick as far as I am concerned. There is also talk about some lady who is the CEO of e-Bay, which I think would be an extremely poor choice, what with zero political experience. Of course there is still no talk on the news about the possibility of him choosing Condoleeza Rice. I am still hopeful it could be her. I envision a republican in the White House for many years to come if she is chosen as the McCain running mate. The same could be true to if he picks Palin.

The news is supposed to be announced by McCain at noon today in Dayton, OH. This makes me think it may not be Palin, as Fox has reported that she is going to be in a state fair in Alaska today. Of course they have to throw in more confusion by saying that a plane believed to be carry a senior McCain campaign staffer left Alaska early today or late last night and arrived at an airport near Dayton, OH today. That could simply mean the staffer was in Alaska to discuss vetting with Palin, but who knows. All I know is that noon seems a long way off.

If you think I am excited and in suspense over all of this - you bet I am. One of the most important political decisions of my lifetime is to be made at noon today, one that could well result in either a defeat of win for Senator John McCain, and likewise for Senator Obama, in their bids for the presidency. Since it is darned important, as I see it, that Senator Obama does not become our president the whole ball of wax depends upon McCain choosing correctly today.

All the best,
Glenn B


Jungle Mom said...

It's Sarah Palin and I'm thrilled!

Humble wife said...

Interesting and acceptable to me.