Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ballseye's View Of Capitalism

I like to spend my earnings on my yearnings.

That is my thought (note that is singular) on capitalism in a nutshell.

In case you are wondering, that was part of a long worded reply I left over at Pen of Jen reference her blog on outrageous and silly spending, see:

I know her heart was in the right place when she wrote that one, but I must say I just did not agree if only because at heart I love capitalism, and I love earning my keep, and I love doing with my earnings what I darned well please when I can afford to do so. Of course, I just did not agree when talking capitalism and my ability to earn and buy with my earnings as I please - I do agree with Jen that people sure do waste money. Yet, if they earned it, I guess that is their prerogative. I do agree more with her though that one should stay within their means (such as with credit card debt) and shucks I think maybe I did mention that but not clearly enough in my long worded reply on her blog. Oh well, Jen when you see it here, well you'll understand I agreed with you more than I appeared to have done in my reply on your blog.

I love how that woman makes me think. Always a challenge to the little gray cells. If you want to read a thought provoking blog then visit her's at:

and at:

Someday, I am hopeful I will be able to visit her and her family on their farm in New Mexico (I think), and as far as I am concerned it would be money wisely spent. Of course, first I'll have to earn it before I can spend it. Did I say, I love capitalism? Yes, I do.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Glenn I laughed out loud when I opened this page. I decided to come over here and let you know that I am with you...I know and love our grand country with it's ideals, values, and the rights we all have.

I know that you know that my post rested in humor and those bubbling idiots that buy the stupid things then desire a bailout-foodstamps-welfare-wic-or whatever.

I can and do speak as in the past few years I have been in the financial bracket of great income to less than 20 grand a year.

Never not once have we asked or needed one silly handout. I love this country because I can switch on a dime and reinvent who I am.

Before I was the wife of a police officer that single handily raised thousands of dollars for the shop with a cop program(wined and dined John Schnieder of Dukes of Hazzard)
was asked by our FEMA rep after 9-11 to fly to DC for training for our county, organized a county wide youth program and again single handedly raised 40,000 to fund the program by meeting with Casino reps.

I have homeschooled the children and some have had national honor recognition for their work...

Managed our family so that we have quite comfortably lived on one income for 20 years

toured Europe, lived in Germany, CA, LA, NV, UT, FL, NM while a military wife...had all preemie babies...

had my own newspaper column
continued on in my education(not quite a masters but very close)

and now muck out animal pens. No one had to show me the way the wind was blowing. I began cutting back the day after the accident. We paid off all our vehicles(F250, Mini van , and an escort that we have owned free and clear)

I prepaid the down on the braces for the boys so the monthly payment would not kill us, and began in 2005 to learn how to cook 100% from scratch.

You see I never considered any other option in this grand land. Wow...Bill had an accident and lived...what can I do to support him and let him know that I married the man not the money.

And God bless this country as we are free to move where ever we desire, to buy a piece of land that only a fool would buy and set up a self sufficient farm. I love that I can go to any store I desire, and surf the internet and find remedies and concoctions to make home made shampoo, homemade laundry soap, and still have the dog, cats, and the animals that have already been paying us off in return.

I love that I can have a woodstove in the county I live in and rely on only us for heat.

So you bet you were correct on your comment. I love that you bring out the opposite viewpoint politely and considerately...yet something that is dang important about our land...

we allow the flow of opinions view points and dialogue without fear of repercussions.

I thank you for the plug and the longstanding check that you keep me in.

Seems like things are back to normal for ya?