Thursday, June 26, 2008

WTF - Are They Out Of Their Minds...

...are they really going into a white frothed at the mouth frenzy, and are they truly about to replace up to 10,000 license plates for free in North Carolina all because some teen kids told their granny that the letters WTF can stand for something obscene in text messages. My guess would be they told her it means WHAT THE F--K, or WANT TO F--K (and I suppose it could mean other things in today's Internet lingo of which I am unaware). It does not matter what they could stand for though, what matters is what grandma did, and therein lies the shame as I see it. Granny reportedly, in essence, takes exception to those three letters, notifies the motor vehicles department, and they go berserk take action to eliminate that letter combination from up to 10,000 license plates, all apparently at the expense of the tax payers in NC. Do you even for a moment doubt that such panic stricken overreaction will spread to other states, and that it will cover other innocent letter combinations.

Let's see now what else should they ban using their line of irrational reasoning, here are some you probably have heard and seen if your ears and eyes have not been covered:





KMA - KISS MY A-- (heck the FBI in NY reportedly (source=personal communication) sells a hat with those letters on it, apparently meaning exactly what I just wrote to signify a fed is able to retire)


TAA - T--S AND A--

Here are some I just made up:



IHA - I HATE AMERICA (the worst of them all as far as I am concerned, but I would not ban those letters from license plates)


NYH - NEW YORK HOOKER (use any state abbreviation before the H)

Do you get it yet? Anyone can use just about any 3 letters in combination to signify a three word phrase that is going to be offensive to someone else, someone else that is who wants to take exception to something innocent and turn it into something it was never intended to be. The fact of the matter is that the letters WTF followed, or preceded, by numbers on a license plate do not signify the words WHAT THE F--K, or WANT TO F--K, anymore than they signify the words WHOLESOME TASTY FOOD, or WE THE FAITHFUL. Sure if the letters WTF were all that appeared on the plate, one might make something of it, but why do so when it means nothing.

If grandma had, in my opinion, any sense of what was right from wrong, she would have told her grandchildren in essence what I just told you. The letters were not meant to be offensive, and mean nothing when randomly chosen for a license plate dear, so get over the mere coincidence that they can also symbolize something that others choose to make them mean.

Now because of what I believe to have been an oversensitive granny, and because of what in my opinion are overly politically-correct hacks in the the state of NC, the chances are that the taxpayer is going to have to pay for the apparent quirks in the thinking process of that grandma. Why she could not instead just have educated her grandchildren to the fact that yes sometimes there are odd yet meaningless coincidences in life is beyond me unless of course:


Of course I do not know if she is stupid or not, but I consider it as a possibility based upon the article I just read.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

Ok, I am not big on the language, but your point is head on. When I was a kid we called everyone a Dillweed, to the point that my mother was going to wash our mouths out with soap. Dillweed!

Many people twist and turn things to create a mountain out of a molehill. If the thought police are going to recall these plates because it can mean WTF(and I have kids and knew this)...then let's go a step further and anyone with the last name that begins with f must by law not name a child Wayne Thomas or whatever.

You know in Nevada we had license plates NIG and boy there was an outcry...but at least the plates were not recalled.

You see Glenn if we waste our time on this kind of stupid stuff, and the politicians respond then we do not ever need to address real issues, such as WTC(what the crud) is going on with the notion that maybe bailing out a bunch of ST(stupid turds) in the mortgage crisis is really a DI(dumb idea)

Oh well I am just a SSHW(Silly stay home wife) and what do I know???

Glenn Bartley said...


Well I cleaned it up some. I know that was not te point of your comment, but after reading it I figured why take the chance of offending anyone when it was not what I was trying to do.

All the best,