Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Working Out Again

Several months ago I stopped working out. Stopping and starting to workout is nothing new for me. I will often start a new workout program, go at it a few months, then stop for a month or two, then start again for awhile, then stop again. This last time though I stopped back in August; and considering the fact that I had just started back then after taking about 3 months off, I did not get much working out done, maybe a few sessions before I became ill and had to quite. I was sick on and off much of the summer (noting lasting), got better and never got back into working out. That is until today.

I hit the treadmill at work for 5.25 miles today of running and walking. I am sort of hopeful that I can repeat something I did about 7 or 8 years back, and that is lose a bunch of weight. I weighed in at 217 today (not bad considering all the junk I have eaten over the holidays), but I want to get back to a trimmer me and lose about 40 pounds. When I did this several years ago, I kept the weight off for about 1.5 years. This time I'd like to make it permanent, and I think I think I have ore incentive to make it stick than I did last time around. No it is not a New Year's resolution thing, despite the proximity to new Year's Day, but rather it is the fact that in just over one year I plan to retire. When I retire I would like to be around to collect my pension for at least 40 years, which would mean up until I am 93 years old. Yikes the thought of hitting that age ever so scary for me; but not as scary if I think I might be in fairly good shape, and still collecting my pension. I am pretty sure that once I retire I will not have the incentive to trim down if I have not started well on the way toward that goal prior to retirement, therefore I am starting now - more or less one year ahead of time. I hope to burn off about 40 pounds in the next year.

I am one who has a lot of good intentions but little or no staying power when it comes to plans like this, but I am kind of betting I can do it. I will be asking some friends and coworkers to harass my behind into gear to make sure I am hitting the gym on a regular basis, and am pretty sure that will be a big help. Most of all though, I have to get my mind into the right state to keep it going. That will be, after all, up to me. Wish me luck - please.

All the best,
Glenn B


Jungle Mom said...

You are motivating me. I have gained more weight since I arrived in the states! Time to get serious!!!

quidni said...

Been there, done that, got the tshirts (in regular and "fat") to show for it.

I really need to get started on a program again. Thanks for reminding me... I'll be glad to cheer you on as well!

Subvet said...

Good luck, I found the key for myself was to include some ready made "Lean Cusine" meals into my daily meals. Otherwise I would work like a horse and then proceed to eat like one afterwards. Didn't have much luck for some reason.

Including the meals helped me lose 20 lbs. last year. Looking to do more of the same this year.