Thursday, October 18, 2007

Things to do today...

...for me include getting back to sleep. Insomnia sicks. Well this may not be insomnia since I fell asleep earlier than usual, and just woke up. Hopefully though I'll be able to get back to dreamland before too long.

Once the sun is well up in the sky, I need to do some painting. Have to finish off painting my entryway. Started about 2 weeks ago, did the scraping and plastering, then the primer, all one day at a time on the weekends; now for the actual paint. Better for me to do it in stages and take my time, less chance of me getting frustrated over something and then screwing up.

After that I'll be off to possibly spend $350 on a Woma Python. Go figure, you would think I'd be buying a gun with that money. The thing is I maybe able to sell the snake for about $200 profit, so I may plunk down the change for it. Then I'll buy the gun.

I also have to get the house ready for my brother-in-law, the older one, who is going into the hospital nearby my home, to possibly get a stent on Friday. He will be staying with us a few days. Supposed to be in and out of the hospital on the same day. When I was younger something like this probably would have required at least a week of hospital food and enemas. Oh the joys of the wonders of modern medicine!

I am also thinking of buying a treestand at a local sporting goods store. Bought one a while back from, but it arrived in poor shape after UPS apparently manhandled it. They actually managed to bend the steel, so I returned it for a refund. Now Dick's Sporting Goods seems to have a decent one on sale.. I do not like Dick's all that much (That just sounded wrong, almost as if I like em, and not a sporting goods store at that.) I do not like Dick's Sporting Goods all that much, but my options are very limited nearby to my home so I am afraid I'll have to get one there.

After all that, maybe a little mortar repair on the stone work around my small front patio, and maybe a little pointing on my front and side stoops. Always a first time for me to try doing something I have never done. After that I'll probably need a strong libation (LOL).

Yes, I do have tomorrow off from work. Took off mainly to help get the place ready for my brother-in-law, and to pick him up if need be to bring him to our place. On Friday I'll take him to the hospital and pick him up from there when they are done with him. Hopefully all will go well.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

I pray all goes well with your brother in law.

Smart to by the snake to earn money for the gun~

Glenn Bartley said...

I did get some painting done, did buy the snake, my brother-in-law is here, but I never got the mortar work done, and never made it to Dick's for the treestand. Always tomorrow.