Thursday, October 18, 2007

Have You Seen The BIG News Story About Iraq?

You know the one I am talking about, don't you! The one that was reported all over the Internet today, and all over the front pages of newspapers throughout our country, and all over television news by liberal anti-American asswipes astute reporters and newscasters. Wait a minute, what do you mean you didn't hear any news about Iraq today, let alone the BIG news story about it. What do you mean? haven't you been watching the news, or listening to the radio, or surfing the net? Don't you keep up on what is going on in the war over in Iraq? Well maybe if it had been reported, you would have heard about it.

Heck the news media sure keeps at it, they know what is going on over there on an almost minute to minute basis. They know the body count, they know how many bombs went off at any given moment, they know which sect is attacking which other sect, and on and on. Yet when it came to Thursday, they in essence said, there was no news to report from Iraq. No terror bombings, no terror killings, no terror attacks of any sort. Guess what they said about that. They said there is no news to report! So if you missed the BIG story, one that might point to the fact that things are changing over there at least a little, maybe it is because the mud slinging media only can report on shit when it is bad for us, and when it makes our president look a fool, or when they want to show their support for ultra whackos like Pelosi or Feinstein. It is sad commentary that I had to hear this news on Rush Limbaugh's radio show (and I would hope he got this right), a show to which I do not regularly tune in. It is a shame that he had to play the clip of a lone newscaster telling said story, saying that there was "no news from Iraq"; when in fact if true that there were no terrorist attacks for even just one day that should have been the biggest story in the media. I just don't get it, how can they be so friggin low.

Let's hope it was true even if only for a day.

All the best,
Glenn B


falcon_01 said...

Well, they did take the time to report on the funeral businesses suffering because our troops aren't killing as many people as they used to! LOL Always gotta put some sort of negative spin on it.

MightyMom said...

oh my goodness!!

well, at long last my holster show and tell is up and running. I'd love to hear what you think about it!