Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sometimes Miracles Happen...

...and in the case of the arrest of Michael Devlin, the miracle was a double one beyond almost all hope.

See Missing Boys William 'Ben' Ownby, Shawn Hornbeck Found Alive in Missouri @,2933,243479,00.html. The double miracle is of course that both of these boys were found alive, the beyond almost all hope part of it was that Shawn Hornbeck was missing since 2002.

According to this article, police serving a warrant on someone else noticed a truck matching the description of one seen in the area where William 'Ben' Ownby disappeared about 5 days ago. According to a report I saw of Fox News (on television) a neighbor of Devlin, living in the same apartment complex, notified the warrant serving police of the vehicle - great observation and great watching out for others by whoever it was). However that vehicle was discovered, the cops then got things in motion, resulting in a search warrant being executed on Devlin's apartment. The result was the discovery of the two boys, a joyous discovery for their families I am sure, and a miraculous discovery at that considering that one of the boys had been missing for over 4 years.

There is another miracle to all of this, and without that little miracle having taken place, these boys would probably not have been found, certainly not when they were found anyhow. That other miracle was that a school mate, and friend, of Ben Ownby told the police that he/she had seen a pick up truck with a camper shell in the area when Ben disappeared. The friend gave police, from what I understand, a good description of the truck. Without the alertness, without the good observation, of that other youngster - these two children may still have been missing for years.

There is a lot more in the article, not just about how the children were found, but on such things as the strain this puts the families of the missing children through. The parents of Ben were obviously still searching for him throughout 5 days of hoping that he would be found alive; the parents of Shawn had gone through 4 years of absolute hell, a hell I am sure would have engulfed the lives of the Owbys too.

As for Michael Devlin, well in my opinion, it is now time to put him on trial and to do so swiftly. If he is found guilty of these abductions, if he is found guilty of sexually molesting these childen, then I believe he should be sent to hell. The only way I know of getting there is through death, and if he is guilty of such crimes I believe the death penalty is what he should receive. If nothing else good comes of his death, we would all be assured he would never commit such crimes again, that is of course, dependent upon his being found guilty.

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Glenn B


jennifer said...

I read your profile, and love Abbott and Costello so I thought I'd post a comment. You read Fox News, so more good news(although I am more of a computer news info person) and you list law enforcement as your industry/occupation, so I'll continue.
Miracles do happen, daily. I cried hearing that the boys were found alive. I get so emotional because so little good things make the news. I'm sure I will be back to read more, check out my little

Glenn Bartley said...

Hi Jen,

As to your blog all I can say is VOILA. Visited, Observed, Liked, Impressed, Added. In other words, there is now a link to your blog on my blog roll list.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Glenn Bartley said...

Well you get the idea even if I got the words out of order.