Friday, December 15, 2006

Ballseye's Boomers: Sig Sauer 229

I have not posted anything about my boomers lately, so I figured such a post was long overdue. Today's post will be a bit different from those I have posted in the past about my firearms in that the pistol pictured is not one that I own. I do want one badly though, in .40 S&W caliber.

I don't own all that many pistols, heck not even all that many rifles, and only one shotgun. I have a fair number, but nothing extraordinary except that my collection may be smaller than many. As for handguns I own one revolver in .22LR, a couple of pistols in the same caliber, one in .32 Auto, and three in 9MM, as far as I can remember right now.

In .40 S&W caliber the Sig 229 will hold 12 rounds in the magazine. Lucky 13 would be in the chamber. This is drop of 3 rounds from my typical 9MM carry weapon, but three rounds is not that bad a tradeoff for the increased bullet size. Besides liking that, I also like the fact that you can swap barrels to go to .357 Auto if the fancy hits you, or at least that is my understanding. It also has the nice touch of the tactical rail for adding lights if you so choose, although I am not likely to do so. I also like the fact it has a steel slide and an alloy frame as opposed to a polymer frame. For some reason I just don't like the so called 'plastic' guns quite as much as those made from metal. I would prefer it in all steel, but the days of all steel guns are passing.

My employer will soon (as soon as soon can be for the gubamint) be switching our issued sidearm to the Sig 229, but in double action only. I prefer the more traditional double/single action type, and hope to get one as a personal sidearm. We are authorized to carry a personally owned sidearm once again, and I plan to fork out for this one before they change their minds. My understanding is that we (those in law enforcement) can get it for quite a bit less than retail. I hope that is correct as I cannot see spending $800 or more for a pistol right now.

I hope I got it right about the 229 being available authorized as a personally owned carry for my job, and that it is not only the 239 they authorized. I'll check again next week, and if I am correct, money will start to go into my super secret bank account in anticipation of a great buy (and no I am not begging, at least not yet, and hopefully never).

All the best,
Glenn B