Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Not The Best Idea For Sure...

 ...would it be to enter a concealed carry class and try to steal a weapon, then go outside and attack the cops - with a screwdriver - when they show up. Guns - Screwdrivers - Hands. well the cop found out hands do not beat a screwdriver but the bad guy found out that a screwdriver just does not cut the steel of a gun barrel so to speak!

Just to be clear, this was not a recent incident. First time I saw it though so thought I should share for others who also had not yet seen it. Leave it to Bonjingo to post old news. There is another video about it from last year in March but because of the narrator on that one, I will only post this link. I cannot stand to watch or listen to the guy, he is a horse's arse in my opinion. Yeah I know many folks think he is a firearms tactics demigod but as I said - horse's arse befits him better in my opinion.
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Glenn B

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