Sunday, April 17, 2022

Vacation To West Palm Beach, FL Is Over...

 ...and I will be leaving my son's house in AR to head back to my apartment in TX in a little bit. Once there it will be me getting back to my daily retired life routine which is basically a vacation without the vacating one place to go to another. Life is good, would be better without the pains of older age but there is no going back to being young again no matter how much one hopes (although every now & then the prescribed dope helps to at least ease the pain but I take it sparingly). Pics of the vacation will be forthcoming sooner or later; I have to get most of them from my son & daughter as my camera phone was usually dead. 

I must say that this vacation was nice. It was very nice as usual to be with my son, a very excellent treat to be with my daughter & grandson and was very-very nice to see my wife even though we are separated. I had not seen the three of them since I left NY back in the spring of 2019. It was also great to see my uncle; he will be 89 next birthday (this year) and one never knows when it will be the last time you see someone but I suspect that time is getting closer and closer for us with him. Then again, he may outlive me or any of us.
He was astounded when he saw the surprise I had promised him - that was my wife, daughter & grandson meeting us outside their hotel in Palm Beach. That made his day/week/month or whatever; the surprised look on is face and his huge smile set the mood for dinner that evening.

Anyway, more on all this later when I get some pics to post.
All the best,
Glenn B 

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