Monday, December 20, 2021

The People Of The USA Owe...

 ...Senator Joe Manchin a huge kiss on his arse or whereever he wants it. Thank goodness there is at least one democrat who truly is concetned about the welfare of our great nation and who is willing to oppose the party line to protect it.

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

manchin cares about manchin, nothing else. his state flipped dark red and he wants to hold on, big fish in a small pond so to speak. he'll run for prez, but he isn't insane enough for the dimocrat party to endorse. won't matter after 5january.

Glenn B said...

Yes, everyone, even Jesus H. Christ, cares about himself. Now, maybe Manchin will cave in when offered enough, as he seemingly has done in the past. All that would do would be to put into the pockets of politicians and corrupt businessmen most of that money from the trillions that they want to spend on so-called infrastructure while subjugating and screwing the citizens of this country.

Then again, he may stand his ground and keep opposing this leftist lunacy to spend trillions of dollars while screwing the taxpayers savagely.

To tell the truth, if he does that, I mean if he holds his ground and opposes Biden's build back better or whatever the f*** they call it, I do not care if he is doing it to promote his political self by acting as if he cares for America or if he really cares for America and her citizens and legal resident aliens in reality. Either way, I will give the devil more than his due if somehow he and Joe Manchin wind up screwing Joe Biden and the Democrat Party because what Biden and the Looney leftist are doing, and mind you 90% of the Democrat Party is made up of Looney leftists, then I will be a happy man and will be able to continue to hope men like Manchin will do likewise again

I hope this comment came out right. I did it by voice to text and to tell the truth I just had a couple of shots of Kirschwasser and feel almost no pain.

riverrider said...

right as rain my friend, and yes i agree the devil is my friend if he's against evil, for whatever reason. they really pissed manchin off with the threats etc. they gotta learn not to threaten a hillbilly, or other assorted rednecks and country boys.