Monday, November 15, 2021

Tonight I Will Say A Prayer...

 ...for verdicts of not guilty in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. I do not pray often, in fact I rarely do so but if there really is a God or gods, maybe he or she or them will see me praying and figure it must be important because I pray so rarely. One can have hope my prayer (and probably many of yours relative to this) will be answered. The man is assuredly not guilty when based upon the facts. The prosecution should be ashamed of itself for not only continuing the trial after their own witnesses gave credence to Rittenhouse's claim of self defense but because it is obvious the prosecution made several attempts to force a mistrial and also made several totally bogus claims when those claims are compared to the actual evidence and testimony of witnesses. 
To think, they even tried to charge Mr. Rittenhouse with a misdemeanor charge of having  possessed an illegal weapon saying it was a short barreled rifle. In fact, they had not even taken the time or made the effort to measure the barrel's length until so ordered by the judge as I understand it. When it was finally measured, it proved not to be a short barreled rifle but I guess that did not matter to the prosecutors when the charge was filed! What amazing frauds they apparently are in as much as they are supposed to be seeking justice and not to be promoting a bogus trial in a kangaroo court as it seems is all they have been doing.

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

makes one wonder how many other innocent people that guy sent to prison. i understand the detective, mayor and prosecutor all have the last name. if true, sounds more like alabama than up north, lol. even my wife said a prayer for kyle.

Pigpen51 said...

The way I understand it, the prosecutor is supposed to represent the people, and therefore should only prosecute crimes that can be proven. This prosecution against Rittenhouse is politically motivated all the way, and is in my opinion only being done in order to postpone the rioting that will surely occur when the not guilty verdict comes back.
If a guilty verdict comes back, then justice will not have been served, and there will have been enough misconduct done to give fuel to an appeal for Kyle Rittenhouse. As it is, Kyle seems to have a lot of fuel to sue a lot of people, for defamation of character, for news agencies who called him a murder, or a white supremacist, etc.