Wednesday, October 27, 2021

If This Is True - I Would Be Ashamed... be a federal agent, in any agency at all, working under the Biden regime. If in fact, federal agents flew over a Virginia school board meeting/protest in a helicopter and others arrived on scene in unmarked vehicles to then infiltrate the crowd, we the bums in the Biden administration are no better than the the Taliban, Iranians, North Koreans, Red Chinese or Russians. More at the source.
I truly hope the helicopter was a media chopper but with the other things Biden and his minion have done to date - I almost believe, with little doubt, it was the feds.

All the best,
Glenn B


danielbarger said...

Shame requires morals. Nobody working for the Fed Gov agencies has morals. If they did they'd quit.

riverrider said...

its worse than that. the brandon regime was actually pro active for once. they saw the angry board meetings and decided they needed to do something. but they needed a cover story so they solicited several education unions for help. even the teachers' union turned them down, but an ambitious twit at the school board union(who knew) bit. the regime wrote an outline for the letter to be submitted back to doj asking for help. the two top twits at the union got cushy jobs at dept of ed last month after they submitted the letter, that the rest of the union knew nothing about. THEN they sent the goons in. my b.i.l. is fbi but leaving soonest b/c they made him get the vax even though doj is exempt from the mandate, no exceptions allowed. he has dizzy spells now, and fell n broke his leg. the feds are rotten my friend.