Saturday, October 9, 2021

I figured That Sooner Or Later It Would Be My Birthday..., I ordered myself a present as I was pretty sure that other than the two pictures my wife sent me of Ryan John, my grandson, no one (except maybe my son) would get me anything. The present I ordered myself was delivered to my local FFL dealer today - a brace of Glock 19' GEN3 pistols. They have consecutive serial numbers. I now own three pairs of guns with consecutive serial numbers- these Glock 19s, two Beretta 92FS pistols and a set of two Colt Lord Deringer (sic) single shot derringers. Of course, this means I will have to be going to the range soon because I intend to carry at least one of these Glock 19s as my primary weapon and probably will store the other as a spare. Then again I sometimes may carry it as a back-up; although, I'd likely carry my Glock 26 for that purpose and keep the other 19 as a spare. 
This purchase and some other recent gun and silver/gold bullion purchases have eaten a large chunk of change out of my savings account but I figure it this way - I can't take it with me and may as well enjoy it now especially after having a stroke back on 9/11 of this year. Even if I spend every penny of my rather meager retirement savings, and they are indeed meager (I was not wise in how I saved), I have a decent amount of life insurance for my daughter & son and it amounts to substantially much more than I ever got from anyone; more than enough to make them happy I am sure. They are set at least until I can no longer afford the insurance and I am paying out of my arse for it right now.
As it turns out, I still have a Glock 19 GEN5, new in the box, never fired (well maybe they test fired it at Glock but not fired since I purchased it at the gun shop). I need to sell it. Hopefully, I can sell that in person here in TX at a gun show or such without having to resort to GunBroker and an online sale for which I will have to ship it, that is becoming a pain in the arse.
Anyway, I am happy to have treated myself to the Glock 19s. The two main types of carry pistols I have liked the most over the years have been my Beretta 92 series pistols (models 92FS & 92 SB) and my Glock 9mms (models 19 & 26). Happy birthday to me whenever it came or comes. Damn, am I another year older!!!!!!!!

All the best,
Glenn B


Thomas said...

Happy Birthday! Hopefully you can enjoy it all the more, after getting through your recent medical scare.

Sarthurk said...

Cheers! I'm looking shortly down the road at 65. Hmm? Close to retiring. This GUMT job is getting too much. I'm so close.

Glenn B said...

Once you get used to be retired, you should love it.