Saturday, September 18, 2021

Oh Those Frenchies

 The president of France has recalled France's ambassadors to Australia & the United States because Australia and the USA have entered into a pact between one another and the United Kingdom and that pact excluded the French. More at the source. I guess they are a bit pissed off but after all, they are the French so not to worry. It seems they are reverting to their normal routine when it comes to foreign affairs but what amazes me is they apparently did not withdraw their ambassadors from the UK:

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Pigpen51 said...

That reminds me of the add, for the French military rifle, the MAS 36. For Sale, never fired, only dropped once.
I know, many of the French were very brave soldiers, and fought the Germans tooth and nail, giving their lives in defense of their homeland.
I can only wonder if the Germans or Japanese had invaded American soil during the second world war, what the outcome would have been. No doubt there would have been an enormous cost paid, on both sides, but I can also imagine that the toll paid by the invading armies would have been horrific, much more so than in any of the European nations, with less firearms per individual, and less capable riflemen. It used to be a point of honor among our country. I for one hope that it still is.