Sunday, September 6, 2020

Mossberg 640KA Chuckster

My latest acquisition for the Hessney Auction Co. LTD. was a Mossberg Model 640KA Chuckster in 22 WMR. Nice rifle except for one thing, the front sight was broken, the top half evidently snapped off at some point in time.  
With the broken front sight.

The solution was to order an OEM front sight from Numrich (it amazes me they often have original equipment manufacturer parts in stock). I knocked out the old sight with a brass punch today after first applying some Break Free CLP to it (would not budge before doing that) and that was easy enough to accomplish. What took some doing was getting the new one in place.That took a bit of filing around the edges. I did it a tiny bit at a time so as not to remove too much metal. After the third try or so, I got it to start in the front sight slot in the barrel - then I whacked away with a brass hammer until it was fully in place. After that, I touched it up with some bluing. Looks like it's been there for ages.
With the new front sight in place.

This rifle may be a keeper; although, I must add they are in high demand as far as I am aware. Heck, when I mentioned on a gun forum that I had bought this, someone else from the forum immediately sent me a PM to ask if I would sell it to him. I want to at least shoot it some before parting with it and being it is 22 WMR - and if it is a good shooter - I just may keep it.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Danny said...

Killed a bunch of deer with one just like it from tree stands. Less than 50 yards and complete penetration of the chest/heart area, and a few spine shots at less than 20 yards. 4x Weaver 1 inch scope.