Sunday, August 2, 2020

Ordered A Gun Today...

...and it only goes to show (along with this prior blog post) I am THE Great Procrastinator! In that post, back in January 2017, I first wrote about wanting to get a Ruger Mark IV pistol. Finally ordered one today - the Ruger Mark IV target, 5.5" barrel, blued finish, model 40101. While I am happy I finally did so, I have to add: Damn the inflated price I had to pay for it because of my procrastination! Of course, the early guns were recalled by Ruger due to a safety issue, my guess though is this will not be one of the early ones since they have been out for a few years now. 

As for the higher price I had to pay: I look at it this way though - if Biden somehow is elected, or if the demoncrats take the Senate this November - the RKBA rapidly may become a thing of the past and guns may become impossible (or next to impossible) to purchase - so, it is a investment on which I was willing to gamble.

All the best,
Glenn B

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