Friday, August 28, 2020

Jacob Blake Reportedly Admited He Had A Knife

So all the rioting over the shooting of Jacob Blake, presumably because he was seen as another black man unjustifiably shot by police, once again either happened because no one got the facts first or because to them (the rioters) facts do not matter. The facts are, there was a knife found on the driver side floorboard of his vehicle, he leaned forward into the vehicle before he was shot and only after the officer apparently attempted to stop him by grabbing his shirt, and Blake reportedly has admitted that he had the knife. (Source.)

Now tell me, if someone evidently is trying to grab a knife when in a confrontation with police, are you seriously going to suggest that the shooting was not justified and that all the subsequent civil unrest and violence/rioting was justified because he was shot by the police and he was black!

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Glenn B

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