Thursday, August 13, 2020

Been Sick As A Dog...

...then again Skye Knucklehead my mongrel has been just fine. Went to see my doc yesterday - shy high BP, dizziness, loss of balance, started to fall a couple of times but luckily the wall was there to catch me each time, aches & pains all over, night sweats, sensitive to cold, hot flashes (yep men can get them too), nausea, hips gave out a few times. Figured I had a damned stroke. The doc says to go to ER right away for a CT scan, pretty darned certain she said of my brain, and for blood work. She had her nurse take me there in a wheelchair - next building over from the doc's office.

ER doc has the blood-work done, does a scan of my abdomen, does not do a scan of my brain. When I asked the nurse why as I was being discharged, he tells me that on the ER doc says what tests will be done in the ER and no other doc can order them what to do and my doctor has a habit of trying to tell them what to do. How appropriate, they found I had a UTI and they were having a pissing match.

I have no clue how I got a UTI, had them a time or three before and it was always probably due to sex - even with nice girls. No telling how I got this one since I have not had any in way too long - like a really long time. Anyway, while they did not know what specific bug I got, and are still waiting on the urine culture they took, at least I know I don't have the:

While they say you can do it with one hand, I do not think you can catch it from your hand, so I really should be in the clear in that department.

I do feel somewhat better after the antibiotics they shot me up with and have to take more of them for 10 days. What sucks is that I cannot drink while taking this particular type of antibiotic, supposedly it has a bad effect - but such is life. I suppose I could have had this for months and that is why I was so run down.

Anyway, I called my regular doc today to see if she wants that CT Scan of my brain done or not. Something tells me the headache, high BP, lightheadedness, and loss of balance were not due to a UTI. Then again who knows.

All the best,
Glenn B 

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