Monday, July 13, 2020

So Was This A Good Deal?

Most of the magazines I have for my AR are Magpul Gen 2 mags. In other words they are plastic. Today I received an order of ten (10) Bushmaster 30 Round AR-15 type rifle magazines, 223/5/56. The total I paid for them was $107.95 including tax, shipping was free. That works out to $10.80 per mag. Now, I know nothing about Bushmaster magazines as far as their quality goes. I certainly hopoe they are better than what I think is the crap made by C-Products; my son bought quite a few of them years back and they were - to say the least - very problematic. Anyway the ones I got today by Bushmaster sure are packaged nicely and I am hoping that the care they took in packing each individually first inside a plastic bag or wrap and then in a bubble type plastic package is an in dication that the mags are at least good to better quality.

It took a long time to get these after ordering them; I ordered them on May 29th. I got them from Numrich Gun Parts Corp. which is in NY State and thus had been closed down by his grand highness, the emperor of NYistan, Andrew Cuomo. They reopened not to long ago and they finally sent out my order which as I said arrived today. Packed well, arrived in excellent shape as far as I can tell and now debating whether or not to take them out of their packaging and shoot them or keep them in reserve.

If you think its a decent deal, and if interested, you apparently can still get it at the same price here:

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

no problems from the bm mags we have at school. i prefer the metal mags too. we did have problems from pmags, though i can't remember what it was its been so long. we retired those. i keep colt mags in reserve. use the rest except a tenspot of 20rd brownells mags. i don't know why, just like em.

Thomas said...

That sounds like a very reasonable or even a good deal.
I have one or two Bushmaster mags from somewhere and they seem good to go.

The PMAGs are plastic but are excellent, but, they are a little larger and so two of them won't fit into a standard two magazine pouch.
Most metal magazines I've gotten in the last 10 years are also good, just mark a mag with BAD or X or something if it starts acting up and thereafter only use it for training malfunctions, or ditch it.