Wednesday, June 3, 2020

President Trump - Please Send In The Troops

Dear President Trump,

The time to send in the troops was at least three days ago. The looting, riots and other violence has spread across our nation and is destroying it faster than could COVID-19. Cities are burning while rioters laugh at law enforcement and try to kill them at the same time. Innocent people are being savagely beaten and some have been killed. meanwhile the same mayors, governors, Congresspeople and Senators who wanted to arrest and or harshly fine people for violating so called social distancing and mask regulations have done almost nothing to stop the violence. You need to act decisively to save our country and you need to do it now. Don't take my word for it, read those allegedly written by a NYC Police Officer:

Sir, you are the man in charge, you have the authority under our Constitution, so please use that authority wisely and stop the carnage. This is not about George Floyd, God rest his soul, these looters and rioters don't give a damn about him. It is about saving our country from anarchy and those who would gleefully destroy her.

All the best,
Glenn B


mitchrodee said...

If our Federal government sends heavily-armed military forces into our communities, will all the Second Amendment guys who’ve been stockpiling AR-15s, ammunition and MREs suddenly rise up fight back?! I don’t trust the police, the military, or the wannabe militia nuts to tell the difference between a peaceful protester and a rioter, thug or vandal.

Glenn B said...

Rise up and fight back what, the federal government justly attempting to stop the rioting, looting and current insurrection. You trust whom you want or not but your lack of trust is no reason to start shooting so let's not get carried away. If they start abusing authority, if they start taking down innocents, then choose your side and course of action. Until then, I will trust they would do the right thing whereas Democrat leaders in liberturd state and cities have failed miserably to protect life or property and have allowed anarchy to reign.

riverrider said...

democrat cities? let them burn. reap what they sow. we're beginning to see local citizens and militia protecting their areas. i'm sick of hearing racism. it's their fault they are in this position. their own civil rights leader said yesterday that free education, free food, free money, affirmative action etc have all failed. of course he thinks now we should throw more money at the situation and spend 14 trillion on reparations. 350k each. be a lot of o.d.'s in 24hours. those that don't blow it on drugs will pay it to white people for the new bling. in a month they'll be right back to killing. i think they owe us, if their ancestors hadn't been slaves, they'd be in africa chucking spears for a living. not to mention the trillions we've given them over the years.