Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Dead On Balls Accurate Truth

All the best,
Glenn B


mitchrodee said...

What has Trump done to help end those atrocities committed by evil leaders around the world? Nothing. Are US citizens marching and protesting about those atrocities? No. They're marching and protesting about what is going on here in our country, and about things that affect us. We are supposed to be making America great, not the rest of the world.

Glenn B said...

He was talking about the hypocrisy of many of those those who are against President Trump and the fact that all they do is protest essentially at their leisure for the sake of protesting alone, for political power, to make Trump look bad, to destroy this country, to grab headlines and to loot but not for the sake of actually protesting against the bad things they claim to be protesting. As far as asking what has Trump done in those regards, and about making America great, I think he has done plenty toward both.

mitchrodee said...

It’s not hypocritical to protest against something you’re opposed to going on here while simultaneously not protesting about it happening in another country where we have no control or say.