Saturday, May 30, 2020

Some Thoughts On The Rioting

This is all becoming quite reminiscent of the riots of 1967 and 1968. Bunch of people killed in 1967 in those riots and thousands were injured. 1968 was another very bad year with lots of riots and other disturbances mostly related to race and the war in Vietnam. Of course, some were started due to the assassination of MLK but there were plenty of others. I remember watching them on TV and going up on our roof to watch the flames and smoke coming from neighborhoods only a couple to a few miles away. I also remember seeing a brick with a ten or twenty dollar bill attached that had been filmed by a news crew. Supposedly another news crew did that to try to get folks to hurl bricks at authorities so they could get a good shot and a story. Don't know if any of it was true or not though but can say without a doubt the media was scum then and is worse today.

Some crazy goings on back then for sure. Hope this current situation does not become as bad but today's politicians and bureaucrats are inept as ever (maybe probably more so today) and have learned little if anything from the past. Thus, I fear the past may repeat itself currently and this situation even may explode far beyond what it is now and beyond what it was back then. What with folks having been cooped up for so long and already angry at the government on all levels, the hot weather already upon some parts of the US, this apparently senseless killing of George Floyd, the recent killing of Ahmaud Arbery - it is one very bad explosive mixture that has lots of potential to become much worse. I hope not though but am keeping my self-defense equipment at the ready just in case.

On a personal note, I have experienced some - how shall I call it - I suppose racial resentment from folks is the way to say it. That from folks I have greeted in a friendly manner in the local park while out with my mongrel for a walk. One guy growled a hello back to me through clenched teeth with a look of abject anger on his face when I said good morning to him yesterday, he tensed up and I believe he balled his fists; he got me a bit concerned but he kept going. A woman today gave me a definite nasty look, pursing her face and frowning at me, when I said "hi" to her as we passed one another in the park. Racial tensions are obviously quite high even where there are no riots. Truly a sad/bad time for all of us in the USA. 

All the best,
Glenn B

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