Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Serious But Sad

What is truly sad about Biden being run as the Dem candidate is that he was the best for whom they had to vote in the primaries - or so they thought. I cannot believe that they did not revolt against the DNC for the totally shit selection of candidates they put to the vote: from Spartacus, to Fauxihontas, to the the skin flute player, to the fake Mexican gun grabber, to a no good rotten commie/socialist, to a wanna be Musolini who instead of keeping railroads on time wanted to control your sugar intake, to a dipshit mayor whose actions spread Corona virus through mass transit, to several unheard of idiots, to a guy who apparently has full blown dementia (or a similar mental disease) and they vote for that guy the one who can't remember what office it is for which he is running! If he beats Trump, I hope there truly is a God because we will truly need his help.

All the best,
Glenn B

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