Thursday, May 21, 2020

I Need A New Laptop But...

...finding one that meets the specifications I want seems impossible. First off it must run Windows whatever; second it must have at least 16MB RAM and a 512GB hard drive or SSD; then it must have a graphics card, preferably Nvidia with at least 6MB memory onboard, 17" screen, full sized keyboard and an optical drive would be nice but if it does not have one I suppose I could settle for a stand alone DVD drive. 

The thing that seems impossible to find is a laptop with a user & easily replaceable battery. Every company I have contacted says they only make laptops now with non-user changeable batteries! Why would that be since it defeats the major reason for buying a laptop which is portability. I sometimes use mine when out hiking, camping, shooting, in remote areas where there is no power available and depend on having at least one extra battery with me if not more of them. The computer companies have essentially created a laptop that tells people wanting a portable system to go screw themselves. I have queried: HP, Lenovo, MSI, Dell, ASUS.

Yes, I suppose I could buy a converter for my car, plug it into the lighter and use that as a power source to charge the laptop - if I am near my car when I need a new battery or a recharge. The thing is many professionals who do field work (and I used to be one of them) are often not anywhere near a power supply and need a laptop on which they can easily change batteries when one runs out of juice. I suppose though, it has to be this way in someone's idea of doing things in the name of progress - or in other words liberally fucking over those of us who need it the way it was once upon a time. 

Oh well, I will keep up the search. If anyone knows of a current model of laptop running windows that meets my specs, please clue me in. Thanks.

All the best,
Glenn B


Douglas2 said...

There are laptops which run on USB-C power, and there are external battery-banks (and some of those compact lithium car jump-start boxes) which supply USB-C power.

Djk2450 said...

You should try purchasing a re-furb unit from in Austin TX or I have not bought a new computer in ages. I build my own desktops and buy laptops from one of these 2 stores. Good luck. I have been following your posts for several years now. Welcome to Texas.

Fred Mallison said...

I just bought a Lenovo 730S. No optical drive but I never used one anyway. I had rather have the thin lightness.

Glenn B said...

I will check on the external batteries. Thanks.

After having been told by two different Dell reps that they do not make laptops with easily interchangeable batteries I found they still do make them in their Lattitude series laptops but man are they expensive, the low end is about $1,800 and what I would want puts the price well above 3K which I cannot afford.