Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Kicking Ass, In God's Name, For Centuries

All the best,
Glenn B


skybill said...

Hey BUBBA!!,
Sister Mary Elephant if you pleaze!!
I went to 1st thru 8th grade with these BITCHES!!!..... Too bad Father O'Riley (who liked the little DAGO boys in the 4th Grade) didn't service them regular!! Maybe they wouldn't have been the "BITCH'S" they were!!!

PS NUN of them carried GUNZ at least not "Visible!!"


Glenn B said...

Yep, they were pretty nasty. I had them in the same grades one through 8. A couple of few of them were okay though. Then in high school I had Franciscan Brothers, I don't know which was worse the nuns or them. I also went to summer camp for 5 years, Marist Brothers for the council is there. It was like being purgatory.