Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A NewYear - Nothing Has Much Changed Since Yesterday Except...

...we are all a day older if we survived the night.

Me I'll still be trying to diet with my weekly binges like me eating way too many carbs and a lot of sugar last night with a few beers - oh well my New year resolution is to enjoy myself!

Along the lines of enjoying myself, I've been selling some guns. How can that be enjoyable? Well, I need the money to pay off some other guns I bought recently and to maybe help pay off the gifts I bought for Christmas. Once I get at least halfway to the break even point, I'll enjoy buyiong more guns. It's my way to keep my hobby going. 

As a matter of fact, speaking of going - I'll be going to a gun show in Mesquite Texas this weekend. I plan to meet someone there who is buying a black powder revolver from me (the one seen in the header of this blog). I'll also haul along a rifle or three to try to sell at the show and maybe a pistol or two as well. I wonder if Home Depot is open today, I need some dowels, to fit the rifle barrels, onto which I can put a for sale sign for each long gun. Sling the rifles with dowels down each bore and a sign on each dowel, over my shoulder and I am a walking advertisement for two rifles at a time. 

Also sold a couple of guns on recently with another one, a Mauser Chileno 1895, selling right now. Probably going to lose a little on this one, since I pad too much for it, but I need the cash. Then again, who knows, another several bids and I'll break even.

It's a new year but life goes on much the same as in the old one. 

All the best,
Glenn B

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