Thursday, October 10, 2019

Is It Really Paranoia To Arm Yourself For Self-Defense

Recently, someone I know, said something to the effect that people who carry guns are afraid of their world in as much as they evidently need to be armed to do ordinary things; this, in the context it was stated, hinted that folks who arm themselves for protection are paranoid. 

For a liquor store owner in Port Jefferson, NY - his normal thing was working at the store and probably having some pleasant chats with his customers. He was also one of those folks who was armed - thus I guess some would think him paranoid. Me, I think he was merely prepared for what might come and come it reportedly did. A man armed with a sword or machete entered his store, drew the weapon and started to swing it in close proximity to the store owner. What's a paranoid schizoid an armed store owner to do - he pulled out a gun and shot the guy. Guy with the sword is dead. Plus one for the good guys. More at the source.

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Glenn B

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