Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Oh Henry What Leverage You Have!

The trip to visit Brendan in AR would not be complete without me bringing down a goodly amount of ammo for him and a decent amount of guns for him (and I) to shoot. In there among the several hundred rounds of ammo that I brought him were about 150 to 200 rounds of 22WMR. After all, I sent him a Savage rifle in that caliber some months ago. He scoped it, got 500 rounds of ammo I had sent to him, fired it and loves it.

I brought four handguns and only two long guns. One of those long guns was the Henry Lever in 22 WMR that I purchased at the Hessney auction back in October of this year. I shot it shortly after I acquired it (unusual for me not to procrastinate) and I liked it.

This is the auction catalog photo of the one I picked up.

It is a nice plain and simple lever action rifle in 22 WMR. It weighs 5.5 pounds, is 37.5"ong overall, has a 19.25" barrel, supposedly holds 11 rounds in the magazine tube (although we could only fit 10), comes with an adjustable rear sight & hooded front sight, has a black metal finish & walnut stock & foregrip (source for specs). The only safety I could find on it is that it can be set at 1/4 cock (no, not half cock). It is a goo shooter too.

Brendan got to shoot it this past weekend when we drove out to Pigeon Roost Range in the Ouachita National Forest near Glenwood, AR. It got his stamp of approval and as I recall he said it was now 'his favorite gun'. The male heir and successor to ownership of my firearms was attempting to be slick and weasel me out of a nice rifle but there is no way I am giving this one up - I like it too much for him to get it before he has to pry it out of my cold dead hands (so to speak). I must say, he certainly did enjoy shooting it and fired away with a zeal I have not seen in awhile (if only because we have not shot together for awhile living about 1200 miles apart). He probably put a hundred rounds through it and would have shot more except the other 22 MAG ammo I had that day was fed to the Ruger New Model Single Six that I had also brought along. Anyway, I am betting that a Henry Lever is going to be at the top of his gotta have list, either that or a Golden Boy in 22 WMR.

I would have sworn I took a video of him shooting it but it is not on my phone. Maybe I did it with his phone. If so, I'll download the video and post it later.

All the best,
Glenn B

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