Monday, September 3, 2018

Why We Give Pakistan Any Money At All...

...boggles my mind. I know all the excuses, such as: humanitarian aid, to help them fight terrorism (what a joke), to keep Pakistan aligned with us instead of Russia or China, because some Congresscritters are probably getting kickbacks from it and on and on and on.

Still though, in light of their state sponsored support of terrorist groups - I just don't get it. The US of A must be taken for the biggest sucker among all of the nations on earth the way it gives out money to countries who would like to see us destroyed. Reportedly, the U.S. has given Pakistan monetary aid in the average amount of $788 million per year over a 15 year period (source). So, it made me smile a bit today when I found out that President Trump has withheld an additional $300 million dollars of aide to Pakistan. Add that to to the $500 million he has already withheld from them this year and it all adds up to a considerable swig of swag that they are not getting. More at the source.

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