Saturday, August 25, 2018

Really The Catholic Church Has Got To Be Abolished

Let's face it folks, lurid story after lurid story for decade after decade, year after year, month after month of sexual abuse crimes committed by priests and other church officials against children - without a stop in sight of this ongoing travesty of justice and humanity - and what are we doing about it! The latest example in the news is what is going on in Ireland.

Ireland has had one of the worst records of abuse in the world, crimes that were revealed to its 4.8 million deeply Catholic people over the past decade by a series of government-mandated inquiries. They revealed thousands of children raped and molested by priests and physically abused in church-run schools, and bishops who covered up the crimes. (Source)

Absolutely nothing or so it seems because the Catholic Church remains a magnet and a safe haven for pedophiles - mostly homosexual ones. If I were still a Catholic, I would renounce my Catholicism immediately but I already did that decades ago because of the essentially satanic like aura that seemingly is around the church and its priests, bishops, cardinals and daresay now - even its pope.

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Glenn B



Anonymous said...

So when gun grabbers want to label you as evil for owning a gun due to the misuse of the tool by others - that's wrong, but when evil invades the church, it's ok to brand the entire organization as needing to be abolished? This is the same guilt by association that you would (rightly) otherwise rally against. Evil is prevalent everywhere, especially in the church today, and the right answer is for good people to work tirelessly for it to be exposed, crushed and destroyed, and not to blame everyone else around it.

indyjonesouthere said...

You need to read a good book titled "Good Bye, Good Men". You will find that the Marxists realized they had to infiltrate and destroy the moral foundation of the Catholic church. To do so required they use secular phycologists to promote the acceptance of homosexuals into the priesthood. Presto...decades latter you have a pervert base within the church. Do you really think this isn't going on in the Protestant churches...or the Public School system? The Gramscis and Alynskis have been busy for a long time. And they loves them some good old Antifa on top of that. White priviledge...thanks to the 60's CPUSA, SDS, and the Weathermen.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, indyjonesouthere. Many years ago the Catholic Church set itself up for disaster by forcing their priests take a vow of celibacy. Who else did they expect they would attract?!

Glenn B said...

Well, leave to an anonymous commenter to leave such a comment that twists what I believe to suit his or her purposes.. You have it all wrong sir or madam. My belief that the church should be abolished is based upon the fact that not only has the heinous and criminal activity of mostly homosexual pedophilia been going on for centuries if not already millennia but it is repeatedly hidden by the church - up to the highest levels - and all the while has never even come close to decreasing in frequency nor magnitude. It is only getting worse nd that is because the Catholic Church is turning a blind eye except when caught with its pants down. I do not think all religions should be abolished, I do not think Catholicism should be abolished, I do not think all priests should be defrocked BUT I DO BELEIVE THAT THE CHURCH THAT IN ESSENCE HAS CONDONED SUCH BEHAVIOR HAS TO GO.

Now for you to say that is the same as the gun grabbers saying all guns have got to go and all gun owners are essentially evil is ludicrous as a comparison. They target the NRA and say all of us are evildoers intent on killing people with our guns. Yet, it is not the NRA membership out there shooting up schools, malls, theaters, concerts, the street so f the inner cities - we are not the murderers. However, it is most definitively is the Catholic Church covering up for the pedophile priest and it goes damn close to the top if not all the way there. If you cannot see that it most definitely does not compare to what I have said, that is not my fault, you are blind to what I said and what I meant what is going on differently between the two ideals. I am talking the about an institution that has done little to nothing (and it is closer to nothing than to little) to put an end to this problem, one that is inherent in their organization and that only gets worse as time goes on. The church, for all practical purposes keeps inviting it and then covering it up. The NRA does not invite, condone, promote nor induce criminal violent behavior with firearms and therein is a big difference. in fact, the NRA does condone the prosecution of violent criminal who have committed crimes with guns. Sure, there may be a few nuts in the NRA, criminals too, but when you look at the catholic Church, it seems that normal and morally responsible priests who uphold the so called word of God are few and far between if only because they turn their backs and do not report these pedophile priests. It is evidently the same with the bishops, the cardinals and possibly even the pope - they all look the other way until, as I said above, someone is caught with his pants down. In other words, I see the Catholic Church as a criminal Organization based upon its frequently almost repeated history of covering up for pedophile religious members of the church regardless of them putting up a truly pitiful guise of being holier than thou and of actually addressing the problem so as to put a stop to it.

if you don't believe any of what I just said, just look to reports of pedophilia and see ho many priests, bishops and even cardinals have been implicated in pedophilia and how many times have those instances reported to higher ups in the church been covered up. The tell me, how many NRA members have been implicated as having committed mass shootings. Fact is fact - the Catholic Church is covering up for pedophiles and it has been going on for a long, long, long time.

Tim said...

I see you are going to the left. You know lumping all Catholics together like the left does with whites, guns, etc.

Glenn B said...

Tim, I guess you did not read the comment I left before you commented. Otherwise you
Conveniently chose to disregard everything I wrote. If you want to comment here please do not twist my words to suit your line of bullshit. I never once lumped all Catholics together, I have been talking about the orvanization known as the Church. If you do not know the difference beyween that and all Catholics, study up on it and figure it out. It is akin to the NRA as opposed to all gun owners, maybe that will help you understand but I yend to doubt it. Also, please do not say I am doing what I am not doing as should hsve been obvipus by what I have written. Talk about acting like a liberal - thamks for your FAKE NEWS as to what I said and am doing.