Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Abolishing The Catholic Church - Not A Bad Idea

300 catholic priests alleged to have committed sexual assaults against 1,000 children!!! That in a single state - Pennsylvania and I think in just a small part of PA - since the 1950s! Read about it at the source but make sure to read the whole thing and the list of priests who are alleged to have sexually abused children (mostly boys but some girls too) and read about the cover-up too. Really, I mean that, it is important to look at he complete article to which I linked - it is truly mind boggling but not really shocking at all what with the record of the Catholic Church.

I think it is long past due that the Catholic Church becomes: defunct - out of business - forbidden - banned - extinct - no more - nevermore - nonexistent - or just totally frigging destroyed - however it can be achieved. If it means crucifying every last pedophile priest, then maybe that would be the way to do it; although, I would rather throw them all into the meanest maximum security prison on earth and give all of the other prisoners copious quantities of booze and Viagra... and give all of the guards off for the weekend.

Mind you: I am certain it was not just the priests but brothers and nuns who were also pedophiles that committed heinously vile acts on children under there care. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt.
The demonic pedophile religious and the purveyors of Satan's evil who covered up their crimes and protected these demons are among the most despicably evil people who have ever walked on the face of the earth. May they eternally suffer unbearably while burning in hell - each and every one of them who were/are guilty of these horrendous acts!

Anyone who supports the Catholic Church after this is out of their ever loving mind and just as bad, in my opinion, as the rest who covered up for these demonic child abusers and they are just as bad as the pedophiles. I think the Church itself, on the whole, is as guilty as the pedophiles and those who covered up for them because the Church was in essence their sanctuary and let's face it - this has been going on for centuries.You want to believe in God, in Jesus and all that - fine by me - but if you continue to do it as a Catholic you are, in my opinion, as bad as the rest of them. Catholicism is a terribly ugly scourge on the planet. Of course, you could correct that by purging the church now of all of its clergy - everyone of them and then starting over. Purging by fire, as in burning them at the stake, comes to mind.

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Glenn B 


skybill said...

Hi Boomer!!,
Funny thing you should mention that!! "That" "BLOWS" the whole premise of "Celibacy!!!!"

'Graduated from "HOLY GHOSTS CATHOLIC SCHOOL" in 1959 and no I never got accosted by as later times told the "Perp!!" He liked the cute little Dago boys!!!! I was a "Hunky" (our slang for ethnic Hungarian!!) My aunt (born in the old country) hated "Dagos" they were everywhere were we lived...back in the day the "Dagos" made war on the "Hunkys" and as my aunt used to say, "Moved the fences!!!!" .... Unless you wanted some Vituperative Vitriol of the Nth degree spewed on you, DON'T ever (when she was still alive to her dying day) accuse her of being a "DAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I know, I'm just a fledgling "Stand up Comic" and don't quit my "day job," yet!!


riverrider said...

no t to mention the church is a giant poncy scheme, on of the richest in the world, complete with walls like trump wants. but its un-christian to have walls, oops! i could go on forever. i'm a believer, but quit believing in "the church" long ago.