Thursday, July 19, 2018

Screw Academy Sports

Academy Sports reportedly fired an employee, manager Dean Crouch, from their Tallahassee, FL store after he tackled a man who was allegedly attempting to flee the store with a pistol and ammunition he had just stolen. More at the source.

I shop at Academy Sports when I come across them in my travels. Most recently, I made a few trips to the one in Benton, AR when I was visiting Brendan. I spent quite a bit of cash there then. That is not going to happen again anytime soon unless Academy sports relents on their firing of Mr. Crouch.

I just got done contacting them via their onsite email system to tell them I will no longer shop there until they reinstate Mr. Crouch whom I think should have been applauded and given a raise. Screw Academy Sports and their gutless, spineless and immoral policy that says employees will be fired for taking such actions. In my mind, Mr. Crouch is a hero and may have well wound up preventing the thief from later harming someone as he had boasted he would do.

All the best,
Glenn B


Joe mama said...

Academy Sports rehires Dean Crouch after backlash

Glenn B said...

Thanks. Obviously had not seen that when I wrote my post. Hopefully they will change their policy so they do not fire hero again.