Monday, July 30, 2018

Famous Last Words...

...just before someone, maybe a child, is injured or killed could be:

"She is not harmful to people for sure..." (source). As per the woman in the video, she is describing her missing/escaped 14' long Reticulated Python. The last time I heard, a reticulated python of that length could possibly constrict and kill an adult human. Even if this snake could not accomplish that, it almost certainly could constrict and kill a small to medium sized child. To say that that snake is harmless is absurd at best and maybe negligent depending on the outcome of her having said so and whatever the snake might do if it encounters a young child.
A mentality like that is why you read about a snake owner or a family member of one, every now and then, who has been constricted and maybe even killed by a large pet python. As for having a taste for only chickens, wait until it has been out of a couple to few weeks without being fed. A Chihuahua may become another thing that tastes just like chicken.
A hat tip and my thanks to Mike G for the link.
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Jess said...

They had a huge python escape from a local facility a few years ago. The owner wanted anyone that spotted the snake to call. Since it was within five miles of my home, I decided that would be one phone call I would never make.

Someone eventually spotted the snake, and it was captured. It's now happily back with all the other snakes, and alligators, that remained after hurricane Harvey allowed most of them to escape.