Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Do You Think This Kid Needs A Beating...

...so as to be taught a lesson he will not forget. I think he may need repeated physical punishment when and if (and I would be willing to bet this was not a one time thing) his behavior again gets like this. Of course, he probably also needs some good parenting with lots of love and affection but mind you that does not rule out corporal punishment every now and then. A good arse whooping - when deserved for such behavior - is simply part of good loving parenting.

As for the adult, his self-restraint was amazing and only after being struck several times by the seemingly psychotic piece of white trash kid did he take action in self-defense. Sadly, he will probably wind up being arrested after very clearly only having minimally defended himself from an attack.

As for anyone thinking: 'oh gee golly willikers he was only a kid and the adult should never have done that to him' - wake up and think what would have happened had that little piece of shit kid been carrying a knife or a gun or had he been beating a woman like that (and if you doubt he would do such to a woman, just go back and look at how he treats women). In my opinion, the kid got only a smidgen of what he deserved. For all we know he is well on his way to becoming a mass murderer unless a parent or guardian steps in and takes strong corrective measures.

By the way, did you get a load of the title of the video:

"Disrespectful kids gets shoves to the ground start crying and cursing people"

Who is kidding whom with a snowball leftist politically correct title like that? The kid was not only disrespectful - as I see it - he evidently was violent and committing a crime by striking the man repeatedly when the man defended himself. Being disrespectful, I think, was the least of his transgressions.

All the best,

Glenn B

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