Saturday, June 2, 2018

Damn - Appliances Are Expensive

Just ordered a dishwasher over the last week or so from Costco because the old one is kaput. That set us back about $685.00 including an extended warranty and tax. Then today, the wife tells me the washing machine is all fucked up. Has been for awhile now too I suppose and we had a guy come to do warranty service on it who claimed he reset the computer and all would be well and that there was nothing really wrong with it. Funny how nothing really wrong with it progressed from bad to worse in the last couple of days and wouldn't you know that the damned extended warranty on it expired just 5 days ago!

So there I went today looking at reviews for a new one. I wasted about 4 hours today (yep the laptop is old too and runs like shit under the current version of Windows) looking at reviews and online pricing. Finally decided on a GE model at the low to mid range in price and ordered it from Costco along with an extended warranty. At least I did not click on the complete order icon - had my wife do that to make her feel the guilt of spending just about another $740.00.

Right now every penny I will have made for my last few days of work and the few I will have made for a few upcoming scheduled days may just about pay for the dishwasher let alone the washing machine! Where in Hades the money is coming from for the washing machine - I have no clue! Then again, there is about $200-$300 in my piggy bank, I guess that can go toward it.

I imagine most folks would think that means no new guns for me for a spell. To that I  definitively can say: There will be no new guns for me that I will tell my wife about buying. I may yet go to the next Hessney Rod & Gun Auction and then sneak something into the house but only because right now - my very separate not-so-secret stash of cash for buying guns is in the black. 

All the best,
Glenn B

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"Zack" said...

My daughter spent a fortune for the latest high tech stackable washer and drier ... only a few scant years elapsed before the frontload high spin speed washer crapped out and none of the high tech appliance companies could figure out what was wrong and how to fix it.

She found an old geezer who had a business of taking the old top load washers that lasted twenty or more years, reconditioned them, and sold them to for around $300 to folks pissed off by the failures of the new high tech models. My daughter is now a happy camper.

I noticed our high tech high spin-speed front load washer was knocking at the super spin rate sooooo we decided to just use the slow spin on each load. When it finally croaks, I'm going to follow my daughter's lead and buy a refurbished antique low tech top load from the old geezer.