Saturday, May 19, 2018

Watching Out For Motorcyclists

 I have seen a lot of signs like the one above on the side of country roads, or on stickers and decals, stuck to other vehicles or in bar room windows and so on. Yet, I have never seen a biker post a sign saying watch for cars or for kids crossing or for anything else on the road other than their bikes. To tell the truth - I am sick of them.

When I drive my car along a street, road or highway: I do not look out for bikes or bikers in particular. I look for every damned thing on the road including semi-trucks, box trucks, flatbeds, commuter buses, school buses, railroad crossings, SUVs, large cars midsized cars, small cars, Asshole err Smart Cars,  motorcycles, trikes, deer, bears, box turtles, pedestrians, bicyclists, potholes, uneven pavement, ice patches, puddles and so on. I prefer to try to see all hazards so as not to hit, or otherwise conflict with, any of them. 

I am sick and tired of bikers demanding I watch out for them - especially the ones who drive like arsehats by driving 3 or more abreast; those doing wheelies on an interstate highway or any roadway; the ones who race on public roadways on their rice burners, those driving down a quiet residential street at 60 mph; the ones who weave dangerously in an out of traffic or ride the lane marker between lanes in heavy traffic or ride on the shoulder of the road to pass traffic and so on. You know the type, don't you: The ones who think they own the road and who do not look out for anything yet who want us to look out for them - the same ones who are against helmet laws. They need to grow up and start obeying the traffic laws, wearing helmets and driving responsibly. If they did so then we would not have to look out for their sorry asses as much as they demand we do if only because they would be easier to spot when driving lawfully and respectfully.

As for the ones who obey such laws - you guys are a whole lot easier to spot and less likely to wind up in an accident caused by you or by the other guy.

Me, I am just going to keep looking out for everything.

That is all,
Glenn B

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