Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ribs - Barbecued & Broken

Picked up a rack of BBQ'd ribs at Costco two days ago. Had some last night - man are they delicious. Pretty plain, maybe a bit of spice but not overpowering. Going to have a few more later today.

Hopefully eating ribs will help mend my ribs. I am pretty certain, like 99.9% sure, that at least one of mine is broken. Have not been to the doc for it but I have broken ribs before and am very sure one is busted now - painful movement with snapping noises coming from one rib bone depending on what I am doing. Taking a deep breath or coughing is very painful. Tender to the touch. Wake up in middle of the night in pain when I roll over and other such stuff.

I had wanted to see my regular yesterday doc but she is on vacation. So, I went to see a doc yesterday at an urgent care center. When I told them not to scan my ID because I have been victim of ID theft a few times, the manager came out and she told me they could not see me if my ID was not scanned as per their policy. Been going there for years, never scanned my ID before to my knowledge. Told em I would go elsewhere. Fuck em. I will find another place if it does not start feeling better sooner than later or if gets any worse.

You will note I did not say how it happened. All I will say is make sure to depress the safety bar on the lawn mower handle before pulling hard on the cord to start it. Never before knew a lawn mower could jump a few feet.

All the best,
Glenn B


Aaron said...

Best wishes for a quick healing for your ribs. Those things hurt when they're broken/bruised etc.

Glenn B said...