Saturday, May 12, 2018

Grandfather Arrested For Playing Good Guys and Bad Guys With Grandson

No not really, no granddads were arrested yet for that as far as I know but just recently an autistic 5th grader was arrested for reportedly "firing" an imaginary rifle in the classroom. Supposedly his teacher felt threatened and reported it. Police responded, handcuffed the child, and held him in custody for hours. The county attorney thinks criminal charges can be avoided. More at the source. He also reportedly said this:

"We want to get them turned around and on the right path,"

I wonder what path is that - the one to being subservient to a tyrannical government is my bet. I seem to remember playing with imaginary and toy guns as a child - learning to soot real guns at summer camp and growing up to be just fine, at least as far as being responsible with guns goes. So too my daughter and my son. If that had been my child, locked up like that for playing with an imaginary gun in class, I am fairly certain that a civil suit, against the teacher, the school, the police and the county attorney could not be avoided.

Now back to the old granddad getting busted. I am wondering when it will happen but I am expecting that someday in the not too distant future - maybe in six months or at most a year or two from now - I will be arrested and my grandson will be placed in protective custody because some snowflake (used to call them pussies) will make a complaint that they will have seen us playing cops & robbers or cowboys & aliens (more commonly call cowboys & Indians back in the day) with toy guns or because we are having a water gun fight or maybe for merely pointing our fingers at one another and saying bang-bang. It is coming believe me - it may not be me and my grandson - but some poor old granddad will be arrested for something along those lines - mark my words!

It may even get so bad that singing this in school gets your child locked up:

Such is the current version of the Bizarro World in which we live!

All the best,
Glenn B

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