Friday, May 4, 2018

Blog Post Product Reviews

In past blog posts I have reviewed some products that I have purchased and that are related to firearms and such. In each case, I purchased and then used the item before doing a review. I have never accepted any product for review, nor any compensation for doing a review, from a manufacturer. Recently, two firearms accessory manufacturers emailed me requesting me to do a review of one of their products each. Each asked that I present my review results as a post in my blog.

I turned the first one down because should I have had a negative review, that company wanted me to cancel posting about it in my blog and just let them know what were the negatives. That just did not seem right to me.

As for the second one, I accepted that company's offer and they are in the process of producing the holster I chose from their offerings (and I could choose any holster they sold). That company's rep said, as best I can remember, all I needed to do was to review the holster and then post on my blog about it if I wanted to do so. I could then keep the holster. Sounded okay so I said okay.

Now, I am wondering. Do I have to do anything special when I post a review of their product in my blog (guess I should have thought of that first but it did not even occur to me at the time). I am fairly certain if I do the review of the holster and post it here I have to inform my readers that I was compensated by the company to do the review - the compensation being that they are giving me the holster. I imagine I may have to pay income tax on the value of the holster too. Anyone know if I need to do anything else to do this legally?

Glenn B

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