Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Screw The News & Current Events...

... I am sick of it because all I keep hearing is: how Mueller is stretching his investigation further than any slinky or pierce of salt water taffy was ever stretched, maybe Trump should fire Mueller and maybe he should not, that the Russians hate us even though Trump supposedly "colluded" with them to fuck over H. Clinton in the election (after it was her minion that screwed Bernie), how it is the law abiding citizen gun-owner and the NRA who are responsible for all of the mass shootings instead of the libturd whackos who actually commit the crimes, how we are incessantly lectured that we need to be tolerant by the most intolerant folks in the world, that the stock market was way down, that the stock market was way up, that California is in violation of the Constitution, that the feds have not locked up Jerry Brown (yet), that Trump is an idiot, that Trump is actually achieving more than any recent president for the good of the country, that a wall will be built, that we should continue to allow the scum of the earth to enter our country at will, that illegal aliens are good for our economy, that the world hates us, that we should allow more people to stay here who illegally crossed out borders (are they the ones who hate us), that more and gun crime is on the rise despite all the stats showing it has actually been reduced since gun laws have eased up, that Hillary the Blamer has found yet someone else to blame for her defeat other than herself, that high school kids know what is best for our nation, that high school kids eat Tide Pods and snot condoms - and all the other shit in the news that the mud slinging media keeps yammering about!

I figure you just may be as sick of it all as am I. So, instead of talking about the news and current events - here are some things to look at that just may make you laugh:

Click it to BIG it - same for all the rest of the pics.


If the last on did not give you at least a little bit of a chuckle, you need more help than I can offer.

All the best,
Glenn B

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