Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I Wish Calexitans All The Luck in The World... their quest - Calexit -to have California secede from the union. If they do it, I hope the federal government lets them go without a hitch. Right now though, they only have 44,000 signatures but enough to get the initiative moving along or so it was reported here at the source:

"California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced the ballot proposal had been cleared."

They have a long way to go yet and an actual vote on it will not come until at least 2021. Regardless, I say, God bless them and Godspeed to them on leaving the US of A. Why bless them and hope they achieve independence for California?

Well, first of all that would eliminate the four districts in California that are part of the 9th Circuit of federal courts - four of the looniest federal court districts in the USA.

Second, it would eliminate one of the greatest tax burdens on United Sates tax payers. California, as far as the states go, is one of the worst at how it sucks America dry when it comes to tax money relative to welfare, Medicare, illegal aliens and so on.

Third, a great number of illegal aliens once residing in the USA would now be left residing in whatever would be the new country that California becomes.

Many, if not mot, technology businesses would relocate to states that remained within the US of A and bring jobs with them.

The democrat voting block would take a huge hit in tat its Californian liberal leftist loons who wan this and who also would be likely to stay in the new country that was once California; what a boon to the nation.

About the only disadvantage would be the agricultural loss to the USA but that could be overcome with incentives to farmers in other states.

You have got to love it. I may just have to write some letters to California politicians to show my support for Calexit.

Of course, the feds may not want to let California secede. They may try to prevent it and thus Californians may revolt and spur on revolt in other leftist states. We may have a civil war and I am fairly certain of the outcome if such was the case and the leftists would not win. While I do not want to see such an uprising, or the carnage that might come with it, I would be prepared to fight to defend my country and her Constitution from insurgents so long as the government remains Constitutional.

All in all, I think it would be better for the sensible folks in this country if California and all of its loonies just went away.

All the best,
Glenn B



Jess said...

I wonder what Sacramento would do, if all the counties not controlled by the liberal loonies refused to send any revenue to the capitol? I have a feeling the reaction would be fun to watch.

Sarthurk said...

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