Sunday, February 4, 2018

Your Requested 2017 TaxAct E-file Notice: New York Return Rejected

NY State - Politicians say no when it comes to calls for ID being required to register to vote and to vote. Yet,  they say it is perfectly okay for ID to be supplied by the tax payer to get your taxes filed electronically. In fact, if you have a license or other state issued ID, they demand you supply your driver's license or your state ID info to them before they will accept your electronically filed tax returns.

"This return has been rejected by the State of New York because it is missing required driver license or state-issued ID information. If the taxpayer and/or spouse has been issued a driver license or state identifcation card, this information must be entered. In the situation the taxpayer and/or spouse does not have a drvier license or state-issued ID, they will need to indicate this within their TaxAct return. You will need to complete the driver's license section of the Filing step within this return and enter the ID information or select "Do not have Identification"."

That is what it said in the email I received today (yes the misspellings and all) after filing my taxes yesterday and clicking on the option to not supply my ID info to them. Now think about that for a second - hey say it is too burdensome for someone to get an ID in order to vote and it is racially fair to require such! Well then, why is it not too burdensome to require me to enter that info onto my tax return and why is that not racially unfair!!! The answer is simple: so, as long as it puts money in NY State's pocket, or assures that someone is not stealing money from the state by way of a tax return filed in someone else's name, it is okay to require ID; yet, when voting for the same officials who think up this utter bullshit it suddenly becomes overly burdensome on ethnic and racial minorities and the elderly to require ID that proves or at least supports your claim to U.S. citizenship and proves your identity, to vote. You cannot make this stuff up, at least unless you are a super-leftist or ultra-right politician (and yes there are idiots on both sides).

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