Sunday, August 27, 2017

That's My Boy...

...and I am proud of him. Well, he is really quite the man now and a good man at that. The reasons I am proud of him are many but tonight I am a bit extra so. He just told me that he volunteered at work to go on a relief mission to the hurricane devastated areas in Texas. Whether or not they select him to go, I will remain proud nonetheless simply because he did the right thing to volunteer. He certainly did not fall far from the family tree, even though he moved to AR, and as I had always hoped he has since a young age cultivated some very good principles in his lifestyle. 

All the best, 
Glenn B


Glenn B said...

His job told him he has been selected to go. Details to follow, probably tomorrow.

Glenn B said...

He's leaving for Houston next Tuesday. I am not sure of this but it is apparently t is apparently not as much for hurricane relief work but so Pepsi can make normal deliveries. Hopefully some of those will be needed bottled water to hurricane victims.