Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Leg of Lamb

The leg of lamb that I was smoking (see my post prior to this one) came out done pretty much perfectly as to doneness. When I took it out and put it on a platter to rest for 45 minutes, I noted it was bleeding from the holes I made with the meat thermometers, I used two to assure the temp was correct. It was bleeding as it rested and when cut was beautifully pinkish red inside.

Smoked to just about perfect doneness. The
 juice it bled off is in the platter in background.
I took it out of the smoker when the internal temp was right at 135; it could have been done just a tad more to be to my liking - maybe to 138-140 but I figure better a bit underdone than overdone (you can always put it into the microwave oven to cook a bit more but you cannot un-cook something cooked too much. As for the taste, the smoke flavor was evident but next time I think I would cut the roast to about half the size. Then again, I have to try it again today to check on the smokiness of it since yesterday I am sure that my taste buds were affected by all the smoke I took in while cooking it. Anyway, I do not think a big cut of meat like that absorbs as much smoke flavor as would a smaller one. I also think I overdid the spiced rub some but it was still pretty good. All in all I was fairly satisfied with the result. It was acceptable for my first try at real smoking.

Next time, I'll try a smaller roast with only some salt, pepper and garlic powder for the rub - or maybe just salt. I may also sear the meat before going into the smoker but need to do some checking on that first. By the way, next time is probably no longer away than this or next weekend.

Edited on 06/15/2017 to add: It tasted better today than last night. Much more smoke flavor today which I can only attribute to me not being able to taste how smoky it was last night because I had been breathing in the smoke as I cooked it and already had that aroma in my nose and taste on my taste buds.

All the best,
Glenn B