Wednesday, June 7, 2017

California - Lawless Politics Run Amok?

Politicians have seemingly forgotten that the law applies to them in California by reportedly neglecting to post bills on-line at least 72 hours before passage. California, in essence, is a state run by politicians without regard for any law except, seemingly, those that rule against many conservative or libertarian values. Its politicians apparently do not care whether or not they violate the law because just as leftists all over the world consider themselves, those in CA evidently consider themselves to be above the law. Besides that, they seem to think that illegal aliens are above the law as well and are attempting to "...repeal a law making it a crime to use fake documents to conceal citizenship status." More here.

I guess the truly sad thing is that it seems it is not only happening (that leftist mentality taking over whereby politicians think themselves above the law) in California but also in states like NY, MA, CT, IL and elsewhere.

A hat tip o Mike G for the link to the article.

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