Saturday, September 3, 2016

Triclosan and Triclocarban Among Ingedients To Be Banned From Soap

The FDA has ordered that several antibacterial ingredients, such as  triclosan and trilocarban, be removed from soaps within a year. The FDA is claiming that the soaps may do more harm than good, such as creating resistant bacteria. More here.

I used to buy hunter's soaps and deodorants with triclosan and triclocarban in them and the combination certainly seemed to help reduce body odor. I first heard about those ingredients when reading an article claiming that the Israeli military used them in soap to help control body odors for their people on covert ops. I figured if they used the combination for that purpose, it may actually work and it surely seemed to do so for me when out hunting. Then one of the ingredients was dropped in hunter's soaps, I cannot recall which, and the effectiveness seemed to drop as well but was still better than plain soap and water. Once again the government steps in and fucks things up seemingly without any science to back them up. In fact, another government agency - the EPA - had already made a determination about triclosan but seems to be under pressure from the environazis: to revaluate it with the idea of banning it:

"The agency has previously determined that pesticide products containing triclosan will not cause unreasonable adverse effects on human health or the environment and is currently engaged in reevaluating the risks posed by triclosan including a review of the human health and ecological risks, endangered species assessment, and risk assessment process for biosolids." (Source.) My bet is that this is more of a way to try to get at hunters being less successful than it is a bid to save the environment.

I guess I will need to stock up on hunter's soaps that still contain at least one of those ingredients while I still have the chance.

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