Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kalashnikovs For Sale At The Airport - TSA and BATFE Would Shit Boulders...

...if such was the case here in the USA even though the AKs being sold at Sheremetyevo Airport, near Moscow, are only replicas. They reportedly are true sized realistic replicas at that. More here:

The person or people who made the decision to allow sales of replica rifles at an airport might be true believers in the free market system but have little in the way of common sense capabilities. What will they sell at airports next, replica suicide bomber vests!

Of course, if it was up to me though, they would sell and rent real guns at airports so all passengers could be armed to defend themselves. Then though, I suppose they'd have to close down all the airport bars and stop serving alcohol on the flights. Decisions, decisions...

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Glenn B

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